As soon as a collaboration reached its end date and is considered successful according to the terms of the Agreement […]
The 15th of every month Shoutly makes the payouts to influencers that have finished a collaboration with a brand, like […]
Shoutly is an easy to use digital platform for brands and influential people to connect, collaborate and grow together. Our […]
To start a collaboration you as an influencer on Shoutly can either invite a brand to start working with you […]
Shoutly’s invitation link is the most simple and efficient way to start collaborating with brands and tracking and managing your […]
Reports will show you all the statistics from your collaborations with brands and let you discover which of them went […]
Having an F-tax certificate (F-skatt) is something a lot of influencers have today and which lets them act and benefit […]
How much you earn will all depend on what you decided in the agreement with the brand/s you work with, […]
Either you choose to get paid a fixed amount for a collaboration, a performance-based commission or you can mix the […]